• Jed Brown (exascale software and hardware, ML, workflows), Assistant Professor, CU Boulder

  • Amy Clarke (experiments), Associate Professor, Colorado School of Mines

  • Alireza Doostan (V&V/UQ), Associate Professor, CU Boulder

  • Richard Regueiro (PI) (computational multiscale multiphysics modeling), Professor, CU Boulder

  • Henry Tufo (exascale software and hardware), Professor, CU Boulder

Senior Personnel

Post-doctoral Researchers

  • Matthias Neuner, University of Innsbruck,, Postdoc advisor: Christian Linder, Research Area: Gradient-enhanced damage-plasticity within micromorphic continuum in MOOSE/Tardigrade, Research interests: Higher order continuum models for cohesive-frictional and granular materials

  • Yao Ren, UT Dallas,, in-situ CT imaging, high rate (SHPB, gas gun) and quasi-static experiments

  • Jacqui Wentz, CU Boulder,, Postdoc advisor: Alireza Doostan, Department: Aerospace Engineering (PhD in Applied Mathematics), Research Areas/Interests: Uncertainty quantification using polynomial chaos expansions, compressed sensing, generative models for dimension reduction

  • Qing Yin, Columbia,, postdoc advisor: Prof. Steve WaiChing Sun, ML for DNS-to-micromorphic upscaled constitutive equations, multiscale modeling, viscoplasticity

Graduate students

  • Thomas Allard, CU Boulder,, first year PhD student under Prof. Rich Regueiro (Civil Engineering, Engineering Science), Research Focus: apply DNS-to-micromorphic upscaling framework in MOOSE/Tardigrade to mock HE and simpler bonded particulate materials

  • Prajwal Kammardi Arunachala, Stanford,, fourth year PhD student in Civil and Environmental Engineering under Prof. Christian Linder; Research Focus: Study of mechanical and fracture properties of rubber-like polymers; PSAAP contribution: 3D macroscale fracture using EFEM in MOOSE/Tardigrade

  • Gus Becker, Mines,, in-situ CT imaging and segmentation

  • Ning Bian, UT Dallas,, in-situ CT imaging, high rate (SHPB, gas gun) and quasi-static experiments

  • Summer Camerlo, Mines,, first year Master’s student under Dr. Amy Clarke (Materials Science, expected graduation May 2022), research area: characterization of mock HE, technical area: bonded particles sample preparation (glass beads, aluminum particles, sand, epoxy, mock HE)

  • Zach Irwin, CU Boulder,, second year PhD student (Mechanical Engineering) under Prof. Richard Regueiro; Research focus: multiphase dynamic poromechanics for soft materials; PSAAP contribution: DNS simulations using ParaEllip3d and analysis

  • Zaher Jarrar, U Tennessee Knoxville,, single and few particle in-situ quasi-static and high rate compression experiments, CT imaging and segmentation

  • Sam Lamont, CU Boulder,, second year PhD student (Mechanical Engineering, expected graduation May 2024) under Dr. Franck Vernerey, research area: continuum modeling of dynamic networks and soft materials, technical interests: theory development and multiscale modeling; emphasis on biological networks (cell mechanics) and active matter (molecular machines), project contribution: statistical interpretation of particle DNS for statistical micromorphic theory

  • Nathan Miller, CU Boulder,, upscaling framework for DNS-to-micromorphic continuum, MOOSE/Tardigrade code

  • Tim Ngo, Stanford,, 1st-year PhD student (expected graduation 2024) under Christian Linder. Working with 3D macroscale fracture via EFEM and phase field in MOOSE/Tardigrade.

  • Jarett Poliner, Columbia,, ML for DNS-to-micromorphic upscaled constitutive equations

  • Peter Schaefferkoetter, CU Boulder,, PhD Student: Civil Engineering/Engineering Sciences Program (expected graduation Summer/Fall 2022), PhD Advisor: Jeong-Hoon Song, Research Interest: Development and analysis of coupled nonlinear fields with MLS collocation methods, PSAAP Area of Study: DNS-to-micromorphic upscaled continuum fracture within MOOSE/Tardigrade

  • Karen (Ren) Stengel, CU Boulder,, PhD student with Dr. Jed Brown (Computer Science, expected graduation 2025); working on developing exascale software; also interested in efficient graph modeling of materials. Has experience with molecular biology and Machine Learning for weather and climate modeling

  • Jeremy Thompson, CU Boulder,, exascale software

  • Andrea Tyrrell, CU Boulder,, first year PhD student (Civil Engineering), project contribution: high-pressure thermal triaxial compression experiments on mock HE and other bonded particulate material samples, technical interests: rock mechanics and modeling of sedimentary rock (sandstone)

  • Nikolaos Vlassis, Columbia,, fourth year PhD student (Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics) under Prof. Steve Sun; research area: machine learning-based constitutive modeling, geometric deep learning for microstructure graph descriptors; PSAAP contribution: ML for DNS-to-micromorphic upscaled constitutive equations

  • Zeyu Xiong, Columbia,, ML for DNS-to-micromorphic upscaled constitutive equations

  • Runyu Zhang, UT Dallas,, in-situ CT imaging, high rate (SHPB, gas gun) and quasi-static experiments

  • Hyoung Suk Suh, Columbia,, computational microporomechanics, phase field fracture

Undergraduate students

  • Vijay Kulkarni, UT Dallas,, assist with in-situ CT imaging, high rate (SHPB, gas gun) and quasi-static experiments